Patient’s Medicines List

Have you come across patients that have trouble remembering or have little insight of their medicines?
A Medicine list e.g. the NPS medicines lists may make a huge difference to their compliance & understanding.
  • It provides vital information about your medicines in an emergency.
  • It helps everyone involved in your healthcare to know which medicines you use.
  • It helps your doctor and pharmacist to check or review your medicines.
  • It reminds you how and when to take your medicines.
The Free NPS medicines lists comes in 3 forms:
  • Paper Medicines Lists – print it & fill it out (great to bring along to HMR interviews)
  • Medicines eList– You can help them fill it out online, print it, save it as a PDF and email it.
  • MedicineList+ smartphone app – You can hep by filling out their medicines, set alarms for taking their medicines, save and email it.
Thanks to Lisa Austin for submitting this tip.