Patient Eligibility for DMMR/HMR

A DMMR/HMR can be Bulk-Billed to patients who meet the eligibility criteria:

– living in a community setting
– with a chronic illness
– who see more than one doctor or specialist
– taking more than four regular medications (including non-prescription)
– taking 12 or more doses of medication a day or high doses of medicine
– on complicated medication regimens or having had changes made to the regime
– taking medication with a narrow therapeutic index or requiring therapeutic monitoring
– having recently been discharged from hospital
– showing signs of potential drug-induced problems or interactions
– not showing the expected response to their medication
– having difficulty managing medication or related therapeutic devices because of literacy or language difficulties, dexterity problems or impaired sight, confusion, dementia or other cognitive difficulties
– considered by a general practitioner or other medical professional as likely to benefit from the service

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