Medicare Benefits for DMMRs/HMRs (Item xxx)

The DMMR/HMR process utilises the specific knowledge and expertise of each of the health care professionals involved. With information from the GP, an AP undertakes a comprehensive review the patient’s medication regimen in a home visit. The APs report and recommendations are discussed by the GP and patient in a followup consultation and a medication management plan is agreed.

The patient is central to the development and implementation of the medication management plan. Payment for the DMMR/HMR under the MBS will not occur until after this second meeting.

Services are payable to approved Service Providers for each HMR conducted after a referral by a GP. The payment rate for a HMR service conducted on or after the 1st July 2015 is $210.93.

Benefits are payable only once in each 12 month period. An exception may be made where there has been a significant change in the patient’s condition or medication regimen requiring a new DMMR

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