Medicare Benefits for DMMRs/HMRs (Item 900)

The DMMR/HMR process utilises the specific knowledge and expertise of each of the health care professionals involved. With information from the GP, an AP undertakes a comprehensive review the patient’s medication regimen in a home visit. The APs report and recommendations are discussed by the GP and patient in a followup consultation and a medication management plan is agreed.

The patient is central to the development and implementation of the medication management plan. Payment for the DMMR/HMR under the MBS will not occur until after this second meeting.

Each fully completed DMMR/HMR may be claimed through the MBS with Item 900 at $154.80.

It is estimated that an average general practice has 15% of patients eligible for DMMRs/HMRs. Yet the current average rate of utilisation of this service is 0.5%. This their overall means there is enormous potential for GPs to increase practice revenue, whilst concurrently improving patient outcomes and reducing the overall cost on the Australian health system.

Benefits under Item 900 are payable only once in each 12 month period. An exception may be made where there has been a significant change in the patient’s condition or medication regimen requiring a new DMMR

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