Electronic HMR Referrals direct from your medical software to accredited pharmacists in your patients area

HMR Referrals is a clinical referrals solution that works with your medical software to assign an accredited pharmacist for your patient’s home medicine review at point-of-care.

HMR Referral benefits:

Remove the hassles of searching for an accredited pharmacist for every referral

HMR Referrals automatically assigns an available pharmacist to your patient ensuring your patient is seen as soon as possible.

First Integrated HMR referrals and HMR reports solution in Australia

Interfaces seamlessly to GP medical and practice management software

and fully electronic solution

No need for a fax machine, transcription or other unnecessary processes

Supports GP medical software, electronic health and interoperability standards

Integrates seamlessly with Australia’s prominent medical, practice management and secure messaging software vendors using secure HL7 messaging

Large pool of accredited pharmacists in Australia

Acccredited Phamacists access a live pre-filled template to assist with HMR reporting

No need for transcribing and deciding how to report with a single template to follow and complete

GPs kept up to date with progress reports on status of patient HMRs

Improvements and quality driven by outstanding clinical advisory board

Our clinical advisory board is serious about improving the quality of reports to drive better patient outcomes

HMR Referrals works with your medical software to ensure your patient’s HMR report is completed quickly and to Australia’s highest standards.

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HMR Referrals ensures your HMR report is completed quickly and to Australia’s highest standards

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