Support for Accredited Pharmacists

Our HMR reporting process is designed to produce a better medication management regime for each patient by providing you with the necessary pillars of support. Our HMR Referrals, for instance, are comprised of accurate patient medications information in an immediately accessible and useable form.
We provide mentoring and peer support services so that you don’t have to work in isolation. HMR Referrals offers the services of a pioneer in HMRs in Australia to assist you with any issues or questions in regard to the completion of a HMR report.
Maximising an individual patient’s benefit from their medication regimen is our common goal.

Clinical Advisory Board

All hmr referrals clinical workflows are directed and continuously reviewed for improvement by our active clinical advisory board.
Our clinical advisory board meets every quarter to review any issues raised and changes applicable due to proposed amendments in legislation.

Relevant Standards and Legislation

HMR Referrals follows national guidelines for electronic and digital eReferrals for the purposes of patient privacy
The service complies with:
Health Records Act 2001(Victoria)
Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Victoria)
Privacy Act 1988 (C’wealth)

The service is also compliant with Australian health technology standards:
NEHTA SMD (Secure Messaging)

The service is in line with best principles for HMR referrals and electronic securty guidelins governed by australian heath standards and the notes never leave the system. So your patient notes are secure.

Any clarifications you need from the GP prior to completion of the HMR report can be done from your online mailbox.
Any information corresponded between referring GP and yourself is encrypted so no one else can see the information you’re sharing in respect to your patient.