Digital HMR Referrals direct from your medical software to accredited pharmacists

The HMR Referrals platform removes the hassle of searching for an accredited pharmacist by providing a single approach that quickly finds an available accredited pharmacist servicing your patients region at point of care.

The simple facts about DMMR / HMR in primary care


Clinics with 3 FTE GPs average 2,000 patients eligible for a DMMR / HMR per year

Patient eligibility for DMMR / HMR Referrals is often misunderstood and therefore underestimated. Studies have shown that clinics with only 3 GPs clinics can have around 2,000 eligible patients per year

HMRs can form the basis for a Team Care Arrangement (TCA)

TCAs are underpinned by medications management reports so where a patient’s GP does not discuss the need for a DMMR / HMR with them at point of care the patient misses out on the health benefits.

It is easy to use HMR Referrals with your existing medical software

Many patients eligible and in need of medications reviews do not receive them as the DMMR / HMR Referral process at point of care is often seen as too onerous or complex whereas in fact digital referrals through HMR Referrals greatly reduces this burden.

Pharmacies have a limit of 10 DMMR / HMR Referrals per month

Referrals sent to pharmacies via faxes are regularly not fulfilled as each pharmacy only has a quota of only 10 referrals per month across all medical centres. Faxes further exacerbate the problems due to lack of patient confidentiality, security and traceability. DMMR / HMR referrals often never get allocated to a pharmacist, nonetheless get completed within the 90 day limit

DMMR / HMR Item 900 ($154.80) is billable when patient is recalled by the GP to review their HMR report

Receiving a medications management report from an accredited pharmacist enables the patient to be recalled for DMMR Item 900 to be billed. This also means the clinic will benefit from the revenue from the additional consultation

A pharmacist is not always an accredited pharmacist

Accredited pharmacists undergo additional education and training and re-certification processes. They are sometimes referred to as HMR pharmacists or consulting pharmacists

Each accredited pharmacist has a limit of 20 DMMR / HMR Referrals per month

The quota of only 20 referrals per month across all clinics makes it difficult for GPs to know whether any specific pharmacist can service the patient’s needs

The introduction of quotas brought in by the Australian government a number of years ago have compounded the problem of patients not receiving essential home medicine reviews. The lack of traceability and complexities associated with paper and fax based referrals pathways has resulted in GPs and their clinics losing faith in this essential medical service.

The result… thousands of patients across Australia are missing out on the benefits of a home medicine review and an informative session with their trusted GP.

Patient eligibility for Home Medicine Reviews (DMMR / HMR)

Eligibility for the DMMR / HMR is NOT restricted to patients using 5 or more medications

of hospitalisations

6% of Hospitalisations are due to medicine misadventure, possibly preventable by timely DMMRs / HMRs

Certain individual medications can trigger the need for DMMRs / HMRs – see the list being developed by participating GPs across Australia.

About accredited pharmacists and community pharmacies

Most accredited pharmacists have more than one job and in some cases also work at a community pharmacy.

The community pharmacy is not responsible for getting HMRs done, it’s the role of an accredited pharmacist that in the traditional paper or fax based process would have trickled through to the pharmacist.

Quotas on both parties make it difficult for a Domiciliary Medication Management Review (DMMR) referral request to be to fulfilled and creates uncertainty for the GP, referring clinic and patient.

HMR Referrals solves this problem

0 days
on average

All Home Medicine Review reports are completed and returned within days or weeks (not months)

Only HMR Referrals is helping GPs across Australia refer patients for DMMRs / HMRs

HMR Referrals works with your medical software to ensure your patient’s HMR report is completed quickly and to Australia’s highest standards.