General FAQs

What patients are eligible for a Home Medicines Review?
A DMMR/HMR can be Bulk-Billed to patients who meet the eligibility criteria:
– living in a community setting
– with a chronic illness
– who see more than one doctor or specialist
– taking more than four regular medications (including non-prescription)
– taking 12 or more doses of medication a day or high doses of medicine
– on complicated medication regimens or having had changes made to the regime
– taking medication with a narrow therapeutic index or requiring therapeutic monitoring
– having recently been discharged from hospital
– showing signs of potential drug-induced problems or interactions
– not showing the expected response to their medication
– having difficulty managing medication or related therapeutic devices because of literacy or language difficulties, dexterity problems or impaired sight, confusion, dementia or other cognitive difficulties
– considered by a general practitioner or other medical professional as likely to benefit from the service
More information about the Medicare Benefits Schedule at MBS Online:

Accredited Pharmacist FAQs

Are there fees and charges to get work?
Accredited Pharmacists can register for free.
Registered Accredited Pharmacists can see home medicine reviews available in their local area and receive notifications when new work becomes available.
Fees are charged only when an Accredited Pharmacist selects an available HMR to complete. A flat fee is charged per HMR, with part payment made when the HMR is selected, and the balance charged to your credit card when the HMR is completed.
To be able to select work from within the system, you must have a valid credit card registered in your system profile.
There are no annual charges, no lump sum prepayments, and no additional software licenses needed to use the system.

What is your pricing structure?
Joining HMR Referrals and going through the approval process is free. Once your account is active you will begin to receive notifications of referrals in your area live from the GP’s.
You only pay to use the HMR Referrals system when you accept and submit a home medicine review.
After your report is submitted you bill Medicare for the completed HMR independently.

I uploaded all three documents when registering. It is saying that still saying I have to submit documents?
Complete following steps:
1) Check documents are uploaded in ‘profile’ (top right-hand- side)
2) If all three documents are uploaded then this message just means we are reviewing your account
3) Make sure your credit card is uploaded to you can start accepting HMRs as soon as your account is live

Are my credit card details safe?
We do not hold credit card information. We use EWay Australia’s most trusted and used online payment gateway. This means, HMR Referrals only holds a token unique to you and HMR Referrals.
If this information was hacked or stolen no-one can use the details to charge your account as they are not HMR Referrals.

Is my information safe?
The system is designed for maximum patient and Pharmacist information security. Our administrators cannot enter your account, update your personal documents, or see any patient referrals that are assigned to you. For this reason, the documents need to be submitted through the system and they will be verified by a pharmacist.

Is there a fax number I can send a copy of my documents to for approval?
We are a paperless organisation, driving change in the health sector. The HMR Referrals system is totally paperless and fax free.

Is there an email address I can send a copy of my documents to for approval?
HMR referrals takes patient and pharmacist privacy and security extremely seriously. We do not provide our administrators the ability to access or amend any documents or individual accounts.
We require all identifying documents to be uploaded using the HMR Referrals system. If it is easier, a clear photograph of the document can be taken with your phone. This can be used in place of a scanned image or PDF.

Why do I have to enter my credit card details as part of the registration process?
The credit card details are required on setup to allow you to receive and pay for referrals quickly with one click from your mobile. This means you to not have to enter the details every time when you want to pick up a referral or submit the final report. Referrals disappear quickly and the first person to pay receives the referral.

Can I get some training in how to use the system?
Training is available for Accredited Pharmacists in how to use the system.
Training can be completed via by our online training portal for Accredited Pharmacists. You will be provided access to this system once you have complected your application.

Where can I find HMR Referrals Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy?
Terms and Conditions can be found here.
Privacy policy can be found here.

What if a patient decides they do not want a HMR conducted? Am I still charged money?
We understand patients change their minds this is why we aim for accredited pharmacists to contact the patient and book an appointment within two days of accepting a referral.
Please let us know if a patient cancels, either through the support page or by phoning support and we will refund the transaction and remove the referral from the system.

What if I accept a referral I cannot service?
Please let us know so we can get the referral to an accredited pharmacist who can service the patient. Likely, you will not be refunded the first payment as this is a taxing administration process to reprocess the referral and requires action from the clinic.

What if I go above my 20 referrals?
It is the Accredited Pharmacists responsibility to keep track of your referrals in a given month. Please let us know so we can get the referral to an accredited pharmacist who can service the patient. Likely, you will not be refunded the first payment as this is a taxing administration process to reprocess the referral and requires action from the clinic.

I have accepted and paid for a referral and it is just sitting in pending?
It may take up to an hour for the system to perform the necessary background processing and securely send you the referral and when you receive the referral it will be addressed directly to you from the GP. In accordance with Australian Standards, the HMR System operates on a one to one basis. The referral cannot leave the clinic until an Accredited Pharmacist has been found. If it is taking more than an hour please contact support through the support page on our website.

Can I upload my own completed referral or use my own format?
No. The format of the final report to the GP’s was developed in accordance with GP requirements and around the requirements of the practice software. If you have already written the report please transcribe it into the appropriate fields in the HMR Referrals System and submit.

I have submitted the HMR Report but there was something I wanted to add what can I do?
We want to make sure this happens as infrequently as possible so, in general, please ensure everything is correctly entered before you press submit as you cannot edit the information after you submit the referral.
Once you submit, the report is generated and sent to the GP automatically. We are committed to improving the professional relationships between Accredited Pharmacists and GPs. If you need to let the GP know more information you must call the clinic directly and let them know what the correct information is.

I am an accredited pharmacist and I have a close working relationship with a clinic that now uses HMR Referrals, Can I still get work from them?
Many accredited pharmacists are already working with GP clinics. If you have a close relationship with a clinic using our platform just let us know.

General Practitioner FAQs

I am a GP and I have accredited pharmacists I prefer to use, Can I still send them referrals?
Many GPs have preferred pharmacists they wish to use. If you would like your referral to initially go to your preferred pharmacist just let us know. We can set this up or change it at any time.

Which Clinical Systems can use HMR Referrals?
Supported GP Clinical Systems include:
– Best Practice
– MediNet
– Medtech (coming soon)
– ZedMed
If your system is not listed here, contact us.

Which Secure Messaging Systems can use HMR Referrals?
Supported Secure Messaging Products include:
– ReferralNet (Paid By HMR Referrals)
– Argus (coming soon)
– HealthLink (coming soon)
– Medical Objects (coming soon)
If your system is not listed here, contact us.

What is the Medicare Claim number and benefit limits for HMRs
Medicare Benefits for DMMRs/HMRs (Item 900)Each fully completed DMMR/HMR may be claimed through the MBS with Item 900 at $154.80.
It is estimated that an average general practice has 15% of patients eligible for DMMRs/HMRs. Yet the current average rate of utilisation of this service is 0.5%. This their overall means there is enormous potential for GPs to increase practice revenue, whilst concurrently improving patient outcomes and reducing the overall cost on the Australian health system.
Benefits under Item 900 are payable only once in each 12 month period. An exception may be made where there has been a significant change in the patient’s condition or medication regimen requiring a new DMMR
More information about the Medicare Benefits Schedule at MBS Online